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Power Corner offers a wide range of leisure activities from nature to culture and sport in all seasons. Discover what the region has to offer and choose the cornerstones of your well-being.

Tips for empowering leisure activities

Kalajoki tourism hub


Forget your watch and loosen your tie. Cycle to the woods, country villages and the seaside. Hike along a plank trail. Surf the waves or on the ice. Enjoy a swim in the sea or a spa. Do yoga on sand and snow. Golf, wander, fish, swim, hop on a stand-up paddleboard, go on a safari. Conquer the ski tracks in winter. Immerse yourself in stories. There’s something for everyone all year round! Discover what Kalajoki has to offer ›

The sea, waterways, and beaches


The riverside and seaside in Pyhäjoki invite you to enjoy your free time fishing, swimming and doing other water activities. You won’t run out of options anytime soon! Discover what Pyhäjoki has to offer ›

Pyhäjoki hiking trails


Pyhäjoki has over 200 kilometres of hiking trails of different levels. Enjoy nature in all seasons by hiking, skiing, or cycling. Discover what Pyhäjoki has to offer ›

Kielosaari Riverside Cottages


Kielosaari Riverside Cottages is a year-round cottage village on the scenic Pyhäjoki river. Next door you can admire Finland’s oldest working wooden bridge. Pyhäjoki’s services are close by and the sandy beaches of Kalajoki are only 25 minutes away. Discover what Pyhäjoki has to offer ›

Manor Hotel Törmänhovi


Törmänhovi manor, originally the Lastumäki farm, started operating in 1916 as the municipal nursing home of Oulainen. The manor, now a hotel, offers accommodation and a venue for various events and functions. The delicacies baked on a hearthstone in the hotel’s own bakery come highly recommended! Discover what Oulainen has to offer ›

Wanha Woima area


The Wanha Woima heritage centre includes Käpylä school and school museum, the old Koskela house with its smoke sauna, a shop, a forge, a boathouse, a barn, outbuildings and four machine halls. In the halls you can see the interiors of old Oulainen businesses, such as a dentist’s office, a bakery, a local newspaper, a bank, a post office, a shoemaker’s workshop, the interior and artefacts of a peasant’s dwelling, as well as cars and tractors. Discover what Oulainen has to offer ›

Farm tourism in Ylitalo


Ylitalo has been offering farm tourism services since the mid-1980s in the scenic village of Piipsjärvi in Oulainen. Set in a quiet location but with good transport connections, the premises are available for rent for private and business use. Discover what Oulainen has to offer ›

Old Town of Raahe


The Old Town of Raahe is one of the best-preserved 19th-century wooden towns in Finland and a lively district with around 150 old residential buildings and a couple of hundred outbuildings. Take a trip back in time to the sailing era on a guided tour or stop for a coffee in the heart of the old town! Discover what Raahe has to offer ›

Raahe archipelago


The compact “urban archipelago” of Raahe is a gem in the town’s embrace, comprising around 50 small islands and islets. The Raahe archipelago was awarded as the Destination of the Year in 2016. Take an archipelago cruise, go canoeing, hop on a stand-up paddleboard or spend a summer day on a desert island! Discover what Raahe has to offer ›

Finland’s oldest local museum


Founded in 1862, the Raahe Museum is the oldest local museum in Finland, where you can learn about the fascinating history of the maritime town. In Raahe, you can see the famous Wanha Herra, the oldest surviving diving suit in the world! Discover what Raahe has to offer ›



Tauvo can be called the secret gem of Siikajoki, where a stunning sandy beach and soothing views delight visitors. Head to the white-sand beaches for a stroll, a picnic or a cool-down on a hot summer day. Discover what Siikajoki has to offer ›



The Hangasneva wilderness hiking trail built on a peat bog is a unique experience. The trail is ideal for year-round use. Discover what Siikajoki has to offer ›



At the Hietamaa leisure centre, you can do many sports or just enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Hietamaa is also home to Ruukin FK club’s karting track, which is in a great location! Discover what Siikajoki has to offer ›

Anttilanranta recreational area


The Anttilanranta recreational area is located in the centre of Alavieska, along the Kalajoki river. The shore of Tikkakoski offers great fishing spots and a pleasant river landscape – the riverside is illuminated. Anttilanranta also has a barbecue hut and a frisbee golf course. Discover what Alavieska has to offer ›



Lumikuru is a ski centre in the village of Someronkylä in Alavieska, surrounded by diverse terrain for outdoor recreation. Within walking distance is also the Petäjälampi lean-to shelter. Lumikuru is an ideal venue for family celebrations, camps, workplace well-being days and meetings. Discover what Alavieska has to offer ›



Pappilanniemi is a beautiful outdoor recreation area in the centre of Alavieska along the Kalajoki river. In Pappilanniemi you can hike along the riverside trail, cross Pääskyoja via the arched bridge and enjoy the river scenery while grilling sausages at the resting area. Discover what Alavieska has to offer ›

Ristivuori outdoor recreation area


Ristivuori outdoor recreation area is located in the village of Pyhänkoski in Merijärvi. The area has a ski slope, hiking trails, a municipally owned log cabin and campfire sites. The trails are open all year round. Discover what Merijärvi has to offer ›

Pyhänkoski rapids


Pyhänkoski rapids are located in the Pyhäjoki river, downstream from the centre of Merijärvi municipality. In this impressive natural attraction, the river flows through a steep rock-walled canyon. Pyhänkoski is also a popular fishing spot. Discover what Merijärvi has to offer ›



Aittatori is a gathering place for Merijärvi residents where they can have coffee and organise fairs and exhibitions. Aittatori consists of small huts built and donated by locals and is located right in the centre of Merijärvi. It also hosts a variety of events, the biggest of which is the Aittasouvi harvest fair on the first weekend of September.  Discover what Merijärvi has to offer ›

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